BIM Consulting
9 de July de 2021
BIM Structure
9 de July de 2021

BIM Architecture

Our BIM Architecture Services are based on the advance modelling of all architecture elements of the project, we are able to model and incorporate all the information that our clients need in BIM elements such as: walls, roofs, floors, furniture, windows, doors and any other architecture element necessary. With our BIM models, we can develop, manage and extract any information that you need for your project, and also, giving you the option of turning your existing CAD plans into BIM models developed to the required level. 

  • 2D to BIM 
  • Advance architecture modelling in Autodesk Revit 
  • Quantities takeoff. 
  • As-Built plans. 
  • Family creation 
  • Plan updates according to executed works 
  • Progress reports 
  • Open formats exporting 
  • Audio a and video content rendering 
  • AR y VR experiences

Information expected from the client

  • Project Plans
  • Project Information 
  • Coordination meetings

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • BIM As-Built models up to LOD 500 
  • Any type of Plans 
  • Families 
  • Progress updates 
  • Material a geometric quantity extraction
  • Visual content created from the model 
  • AR y VR experiences

Possible applications

  • Architecture Design 
  • Resources planification for Project execution
  • Project visualization
  • Architecture documentation of the project 
  • Etc.