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10 de July de 2021
BIM Architecture
9 de July de 2021

BIM Consulting

Our experience in the implementation of the BIM methodology, allow us to give advance consulting in BIM project execution according to the ISO-19650 series, making the transition from CAD to BIM an easy and understandable process. We offer consulting and training options that will make your projects take full advantage of BIM.

  • BIM execution plan (BEP) development
  • Definition of the Information Exchange Requirements (EIR), Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and Organizational Information Requirements (OIR) 
  • Consulting in the Bidding Process for projects that require BIM 
  • Training plans development for internal application of BIM 
  • Training on specialized BIM software

Information expected from the client

  • We expect information regarding the particular objective that the client wants to achieve with our consulting, whether it be for a particular project, internal BIM implementation, training in a specialized software, etc. After we analyze all the information given by the client, we’ll develop a custom plan that will allow a correct implementation of BIM according to the ISO-19650 series.

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • Depending on the client’s particular needs, we’ll be able to develop custom implementation plans that will become the foundations for a correct implementation of the BIM methodology according to the international standards, no matter the company, discipline or project on which its application is intended.

Possible applications

  • Project Bidding 
  • Internal company process updates 
  • Staff training 
  • BIM consultant as a requirement for Project