6D Sustainability
9 de July de 2021

Cloud point modelling

From the scanning of existing conditions of the project, no matter if it is, existing topography or existing infrastructure conditions, we are able to use advanced cloud point data through photogrammetry or lidar scanning, that allow us to create precise BIM models. This method ensures that our client’s models are precise and extremely close to actual conditions, we also give you the option of generating this point cloud data or working with existing information that you may possess.

  • Point Cloud advance modelling 
  • Point Cloud creation (LIDAR scanning or photogrammetry 
  • Topographic surveying using photogrammetry 
  • Topographic contour lines creation (BIM or CAD)

Information expected from the client

  • Existing point cloud (only if the client already possesses such information) 
  • Project Information 
  • Coordination meetings 
  • On site work for creating the point cloud data

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • BIM As-Built models up to LOD 500 
  • Any type of plans 
  • Progress updates 
  • Material a geometric quantities extraction
  • Visual content created from the model 
  • AR y VR experiences

Possible applications

  • Modelling of complex architectural elements 
  • Topographic surveying 
  • Existing Infrastructure surveying 
  • Model checking of modelled elements vs existing elements