5D Costs
9 de July de 2021
Cloud point modelling
9 de July de 2021

6D Sustainability

From our As-Built BIM models, we are able to analyze the project, generating valuable information for energy analysis, environmental project impact, solar analysis. We are able to export all the information generated from the BIM Models to other software for a more in-depth analysis through open format such as IFC or COBie

  • Energy analysis 
  • Exportable information from our BIM Models 
  • Necessary documentation for LEED certifications

Information expected from the client

  • Project Plans
  • Project Information 
  • Coordination meetings

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • As-Built Models 
  • Complete documentation from modeled elements 
  • Project plans updated with the latest information available 
  • Open format exportable information

Possible Applications

  • LEED certifications 
  • Energy analysis 
  • Environmental impact analysis 
  • BIM modeling to use in advance analysis software