BIM MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)
9 de July de 2021
4D Scheduling
9 de July de 2021

Revit Family Creation

We provide Revit Family creation services for every discipline, allowing our clients to have a 3D library of the elements that will be used in their projects, or are manufactured by them. Our Revit Families can be parametric, MEP families with any type of connection or configuration, furniture, or any type of element that needs to be incorporated in a BIM Model. We make sure that the information developed by Abstract PLM can be imported or exported through open formats (IFC, CObie, etc) and the use of Dynamo programing.

  • Furniture Modelling 
  • Structural families modelling 
  • Mechanical equipment modelling 
  • Electrical equipment modelling 
  • Plumbing fixtures modelling 
  • Parametric families modelling

Information expected from the client

  • Dimensions of the elements 
  • Technical information of the element

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • Revit-ready families for BIM models 
  • Fabrication plans 
  • Detail plans

Possible applications

  • Digitalization of existing elements 
  • Fabrication plans 
  • Incorporation of existing elements in BIM models that doesn’t exist as a Revit Family