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9 de July de 2021
7D Facility Management
9 de July de 2021

4D Scheduling 

We provide Project scheduling services through the addition of time-related information in our BIM model elements and support from our partners in scheduling services, allowing our clients to develop and integral scheduling planification for their projects. Ensuring that our clients will have all the information needed to project planning, Construction scheduling or any additional resources needed.

  • Construction simulation
  • Project planification with MS Project 
  • Model by phasing 
  • Progress information (images, plans, quantities, etc) 
  • BIM model updating according to on-site project progress

Information expected from the client

  • Project Plans
  • Project Information 
  • Coordination meetings

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • Progress reports
  • Quantities takeoff 
  • Construction scheduling 
  • Material and Equipment lists

Possible Applications

  • BIM Project Scheduling 
  • Generation and extraction of information through a digital twin of the project (BIM model)