7D Facility Management
9 de July de 2021
6D Sustainability
9 de July de 2021

5D Costs

 We provide services for budget creation and costs tracking throughout the life cycle of the project, allowing our clients to save, manage and review, any type of information associated with costs in their projects. With the help of our partners in Construction costs planning, we are able to develop project budgets, Cost control reports, accurate quantities takeoff and tracking, costs projection, among other solutions.

  • Project quantities takeoff from modeled elements  
  • Technical information extraction from modeled elements
  • Cost tracking
  • Updatable costs database

Information expected from the client

  • Project Plans
  • Project Information 
  • Coordination meetings

Possible deliverables from Abstract PLM

  • Progress reports 
  • Quantities takeoff 
  • Cost control reports 
  • Cost projections
  • Budget updates a comparison from previous budgets

Possible Applications

  • Cost control and tracking 
  • Budget creation 
  • Updatable costs database