Steel Structure for a house renovation
10 de July de 2021
Storage building in Colombia for Comolsa
10 de July de 2021

Duct Works for a MasterCard office 

We modelled all the ductwork for a MasterCard Office, the elements were modeled in a LOD 400 and the construction area of the project is 1600m2. Due to de LOD 400 modelling that was made, we were able to generate fabrication and installation plans for all the ductwork in the office, also, clash detection tests and takeoff of quantities and materials were made.

Project objectives

  • BIM modelling in LOD 400   
  • Fabrication and installation plans for ducts 
  • Clash Detection between modelled elements 
  • Progress reports 
  • Valuation based on modeled elements
  • 3D visualization before on-site execution 
  • Materials and quantities takeoff

Final results

  • Ductwork Fabrication plans 
  • Installation plans 
  • Sections plans  
  • 3D Coordination views 
  • Project BEP 
  • Progress reports
  • Geometry export for fabrication 
  • Valuation based on modeled elements 
  • Clash Detection